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Motivation Artist

Emotions are my red wires.

Emotions as first learning process, constituent elements of the character and identity of an individual.

Emotions as a ferocious avalanche or silent waters, who wring the guts and erupt into fullness in sign or rays.

Emotions that man shapes and deform.

Central to my work: human.

In confrontation with himself and the others, in the hold of his emotions.

I approach the stone with respect, as a witness of the history of the Earth, aware of the enormous forces and as for a long time have been required to do those occur.

Sometimes I see something that hides it in a block, sometimes I go looking for the block that my idea can bear.

In any case creates an empathy between the stone and me itself.

I love the long process of sculpting wit hammer and chisel , look up the details, the wealth of patience needed to the beauty that is clogged in the stone to reveal.

I love the dust and the smell resulting when editing of the stone.

I love those passionate quest, of the emotion to the gesture, of the gesture to the line, the line to the volume, the volume to the structure .....

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