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I was born in 1955 in Rotterdam.

Spatial work has always been my interest. I spent years worked as a landscaper and was so designer of outdoor space.
Since about 1995, I have focused on making images in stone. Work in three dimensions, so that the actual image keeps changing when you choose a different point of view; that is, I think, also correct the appeal of my images.Initially, it was mainly the female forms that were reflected in my work. But gradually changed the subject.
First changed those women in stylized bird figures. Inspired by a trip through Asia where such bird figures on the roofs of the temples are to "evil" outside the door. Cho FA's are they mentioned.
A trip to the cities of Morocco made for granted for a new source of inspiration. The city walls and city gates, associated with passing the port so clearly felt the difference in energy of inside and outside makes led to a series of "ports".
So became birds gateways. The current theme is "movement".
It may arise from the movement of go by Gates or the movement of life itself. In each case clear to me the need for this series. I'd love it if you let me know what you think of it.
It is best to my sculptures to touch, to stroke or caress. Only then you can feel the care and dedication with which stones are modified, you can feel the shape and experienced how soft and warm it is.
My sculptures are bought by private collectors at home and abroad, institutions and municipalities.

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